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Cows are not pampered at A & B supplemental feed on grass, no creep feed for calves!  Almost all of the heifers born at A&B are bred and calved out. Cow/calf pairs graze on native Sandhill pastures. Any first calf female that doesn’t raise a calf with a nursing ratio of 95 or less is exceptions!

Fifty-Three (53) cows at A & B Cattle qualified for the 2022 Angus Pathfinder Cow Award having produced calves that have met the rigid requirements of the American Angus Association for early calving, regularity of calving, and a minimum nursing ratio of 105.


The A & B cow herd was one of the first Angus herds in the U.S. to incorporate the American Angus Maternal Plus program. Through Maternal Plus extra time is devoted to tracking maternal traits beyond those normally required, ultimately targeting greater performance and predictability.  The data gathered through this inventory-based program helps define reproductive and lifetime productivity tools.


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