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Ranch Assistant

Job Expectations:

Feeding with vertical mixer and hay bale processor, other equipment includes a tele-handler and John Deere tractors; during winter months this may include but not be limited to feeding up to 500 calves daily and feeding cows on cornstalks and during calving season

Assisting with spring and fall calving, spring calving begins Feb. 1 annually, fall calving begins after Sept. 1, night calving may be expected during spring calving season


Assisting with AI breeding, which may include heat detection and sorting off cows in heat on horseback


Moving cattle on horseback – ranch horses available, ATV available but not used to herd cattle


Good care and maintenance of machinery including but not limited to oil changes, greasing, etc. 


Fixing fence, windmill maintenance, and maintaining ranch facilities which includes mowing and maintaining the house yard 


Assisting with misc. duties in preparation for annual bull sale held the first week of April


Spraying pastures for weeds, etc.


 Haying is custom done, but bales need to be piled and moved, etc. NO FARMING

Other miscellaneous work as needed


Negotiable depending on experience


Housing and utilities provided

Heath Insurance provided six months after employment start date


Beef provided six months after employment start date, and as available thereafter


Merit raise at one year anniversary of employment, and annually thereafter


One week paid vacation after one year of employment, two weeks paid vacation after two years of employment and thereafter, must be taken during summer months


Days off throughout the year as agreed upon with employer, no Sunday work other than feeding during off season


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